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Komura Japanese Buffet @ Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Any Japanese food lover out there?? Because if you are, you are gonna drool with this post! It is going to be very picture-overwhelming with all the goodie foodie! YUM YUM~

I came across this Japanese restaurant in Corus Hotel, KL which serves very good Japanese buffet by having an Oriental Rewards voucher which entitles me to a 30% DISCOUNT when dining in Komura for 2 pax. It is a pretty good deal, maybe you would want to look more into it :)

Let's not waste anymore time and start our journey!

Here we are at the entrance of Komura Japanese restaurant!
One thing I like about this restaurant is privacy. Every guest dines in a private room with an option of table seat or tatami (traditional Japanese floor mat) seat.

On the way to our private dining room :D
TADA! a very cozy room to dine in :) Definitely lightened our mood.
A view of table seating room
Now it is ordering time! It is the 'pick from the menu, eat all you can' kind of buffet. Everything is refillable except their signature Unagi Kabayaki which one guest can only order one portion. There will be copies of ordering sheets given and you tick your desired food. 

Menu / Ordering List (I think we ticked nearly the whole page lol! -.-)
A bell to ring for service. Plus point on convenience!
Okay okay.. I know you must be getting a lil impatient now lol! Here comes the long awaited food!!

First up was the Chawan Mushi (Japanese steamed egg)
Texture was smooth and taste was good!
Baby octopus appetiser. Portion is small but it does not really matter when you can order as many as you want!
My favourite sashimi!!! So fresh and juicy! They range from salmon, tuna, butter fish, squid and octopus.
A selection of sushi
U.S. Sirloin teppanyaki which is awesome possum! Tender & Juicy! Good lah!
Komura's signature unagi kabayaki. Very tasty and flavourful!
Saba teriyaki! Boyfie's favourite!
Yakiniku beef
Sukiyaki beef
We were already bloated by then but because of our kiasu-ness, we strived on! GO GO GO! 

This is another top favourite of ours! Teppanyaki scallops - Big & juicy & tasty!
Stir-fry butter enoki 
After so much meat, I thought we should input some vege for digestion sake so I ordered mixed vege!
OHHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEEE!! Can you imagine how much we had and how bloated we were then?! -___-''' Luckily we have this --->

Hot ocha for digestion & soothing of bloated tummy (not included in buffet).
But we were not giving up! Here comes the dessert! hohoho!

Some fruits for digestion
Boyfie wanted to try the mochi - peanut butter & red bean. I prefer peanut butter's. So creamy and yummy!
Sesame ice cream. Good! I like!
Green tea ice cream.
WHOA!! finallyyyyyyy... that's the end of our scrumptious meal! We literally could not move after eating -.- no joke! But both of us were satisfied with the meal n think it is definitely worth the price. No offence but it is so much better than Kampachi buffet in terms of value for money & ambience.

Buffet price for one person - RM113.70 (after including gov tax & service charge)
Our price (after 30% off) - RM79.60 (including gov tax & service charge)
refillable hot ocha is RM3.50 per person

Taste: 8.5/10
Value for money: 8/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 9/10 (staffs are friendly and helpful)

Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-21618888 ext: 120 / 121

Business Hours: 
12noon - 2:30pm for lunch
6:30pm - 10:00pm for dinner
Buffets on Fridays and weekends only, 6pm onwards.

XOXO, LamLam <3

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